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CSR Partnership Program

Practicing Social Responsibility through Sports

Sport is the ideal platform to deliver Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.  We partner with local, national and multi-national organisations on the design and delivery of sports programs that are aligned with CSR values and objectives.

Why Sport and CSR?

  • The social impact of sport extends to areas of community, health, education and empowerment

  • A well managed sports initiative provides sustainable solutions and lasting positive impact on the community

  • Sport is a high visibility activity

  • Success in sport drives further success and has been openly linked to increased participation and continued growth

  • Sport provides a sense of enjoyment, hope and inspiration

How can we help?

  • We develop CSR strategies, programs and activities with a sports focus

  • We manage the implementation of CSR programs with a sports focus

  • we work with communities to build their capacity, ensuring sustainable solutions

  • We evaluate and monitor existing programs and plan suitable interventions to enhance them

  • We offer turn-key solutions to CSR initiatives with a sports focus

Contact us to find out how we can successfully drive your CSR programs

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