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Rise Global in Palestine

We are joining our efforts with Palestine Sports for Life (PS4L) to deliver exciting new initiatives that go to the heart of addressing the needs of the Palestinian sports community. Fresh off two weeks in the holy land, we met with representative of PS4L and other stakeholders currently involved in the development of Palestinian sport.

PS4L is established as a non-profit organisation and is committed to the improvement of Palestinian sport at all levels. During our visit, we got to see firsthand the challenges the Palestinians have to endure on a day-to-day basis under occupation, but we also managed to get a glimpse of the many successes they have also achieved in spite of the political climate.

“The Palestinian people have dreams and aspirations like everyone else, and although conflict zones are never easy, if there is a genuine will from the people, then we will keep working to deliver the services needed to nurture their development – we are glad to have the support of Rise Global in this initiative”, Tamara Awartani, founder of PS4L.

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