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Rise Global Launches Training and Development Services

The more we travel and examine different contexts the more we realize the importance of building your own capacity to deliver the outcomes for your own communities, without a constant reliance on external help. Our team of experts has spent months deliberating and creating an approach that works to specifically address the training and development needs of the sports and development sector.

For Example, “The introduction of a course in ‘social entrepreneurship in sport and development’ is to highlight an area we feel is largely overlooked in the development sector, said Training & Development Manager at Rise Global.

“The concept of ‘social entrepreneurship’ has been around for some time, but knowing how that best applies to your context, can work to provide an ideal platform towards self-determination. We feel that we are pioneering the concept of social entrepreneurship with a specific sports development focus and have developed a range of courses that are both useful and relevant in overcoming the challenges presented in the modern world”, she added.

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