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Rise Global Consultant l Julie Nehme

Julie Nehme joins the Rise Global team with over 10 years experience in the media industry. She has extensive credentials in presenting, reporting, producing and researching. She also possesses extensive experience and expertise in developing and driving high profile media strategies.

Her in-depth knowledge of sport and media has seen her contribute to some of Australia’s leading sports networks. This is further supported by her intricate knowledge of both the sport and development sectors having also contributed extensively to raising the profile and driving media activities for the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Her understanding of the role of media and communications in driving development initiatives, particularly within the sports and development sectors offers a unique insight. Julie is also a fluent Arabic and German speaker and has contributed to various sport, media and development initiatives globally.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sport and Media

  • Promotions and Marketing

  • Research and Analysis

  • Management of Media Campaigns

  • Media Strategy Development

  • Program Development & Production

  • Sport and Media Policy

  • Human Rights & Working with Minority Groups

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