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Sacred Sports Foundation (St. Lucia) Team Up with Rise Global (Australia)

CASTRIES, ST. LUCIA - Rise Global (Australia) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Saint Lucia-based Sacred Sports Foundation Inc, in a move that will see the pair partnering up on a number of sports development initiatives.

The MOU is a significant step forward for both organisations and also opens up a variety of opportunities for collaboration in the sports for development field.

Rise Global is an independent sports development consultancy with a broad range of expertise in Monitoring and Evaluation, Sports Strategy, Policy, Development, Education, Training, Communications and Sports Performance. Sacred Sports Foundation is one of the few independent sports for development non governmental organisations in the Caribbean.

Recent grants include funding from the Australian Government’s Sports Outreach Progrogramme(ASOP), UNESCO, the European Union and local telecoms giant Digicel.

“Sacred Sports Foundation has already been doing some fantastic work with youth in the Caribbean, they have an amazing team of committed individuals and for us to be part of their vision for the future, is both humbling and exciting” said Michael Dahdal, Managing Director, Rise Global (Australia). “We are under no illusions about the challenges that lay ahead, but we remain confident that we have the collective experience, expertise and innovative ideas, to develop and deliver programs that both address the needs of the community and continue to have a positive impact on people’s lives” he added.

“We are tremendously excited about the possibilities for this partnership. Rise Global brings with it a wealth of expertise in a range of developmental areas, which will strengthen our programmes and enhance our abilities as we move to the next phase of our evolution,” said Delroy Alexander, Chairman of the Sacred Sports Foundation. “We hope to learn a great deal from Rise Global’s international experience and expect this partnership to deliver substantial benefits for the youth of the Caribbean. Our youth require major interventions to tackle serious and troubling issues, such as unemployment rates above 40 per cent and social challenges that are equal to those in other less developed regions of the world.”

The agreement will see increased collaboration in sharing networks and resources and strengthen both organizations capabilities to continue to deliver high quality sports development projects in the Caribbean

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