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Wrestling Australia & Rise Global Sign Partnership Agreement

Sydney, Australia

Wrestling Australia and Rise Global today signed a partnership agreement that renews Wrestling Australia’s commitment to developing the sport in Australia. The agreement with Rise Global enhances Wrestling Australia’s capacity to develop and drive a comprehensive national strategy aimed at developing all facets of the sport – from increasing participation, to developing pathways and improving results at international level.

“Wrestling has a rich Olympic tradition and is one of the oldest Olympic sports, yet it has not yet quite reached the same heights in Australia” said Rise Global Managing Director, Michael Dahdal. “Wrestling Australia is currently run by a dedicated group of volunteers and they have done reasonably well, all things being considered – there is a growing realization however that the sport needs to go to that next level to be able to be competitive internationally, not to mention it’s a great sport for kids – yet still completely undervalued by the main stream Australian community at this stage” he added.

Rise Global will be working closely with Wrestling Australia in the coming months to create an environment that allows the sport to flourish, taking into account the needs of all the stakeholders, whilst trying to navigate around the many challenges which currently exist for the sport, including a considerable lack of funding.

Kuldip Bassi, President of Wrestling Australia suggested, “The signing of this agreement with Rise Global is a significant step forward for Wrestling in Australia. The Board acknowledges that the development of the sport necessitates the development of strategies and vision that require time and resources beyond those that are available from the entirely volunteer base on which our sport depends. The partnering with Rise Global provides Wrestling Australia with access to a professional organisation with the experience and talent necessary to promote and develop our sport and enable us to achieve greater things in the future”

The Partnership agreement was signed in Sydney on 31 October 2012, so you can expect to see some positive outcomes over the next 12 months or so, with a broader view looking towards Brazil 2016 and beyond.

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