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Snap Assessment

A quick, easy and efficient way to get feedback

We can perform and deliver a fast assessment of your current sports program. This is a quick and efficient way to get some expert feedback before taking the next step in your development. We have years of experience assessing, developing and implementing sports programs and having us review your current practice will ensure better outcomes.

What is a 'Snap' Assessment?

A 'Snap Assessment' is a quick assessment conducted and delivered over a total of 5-Days. It includes:

  • Introductory Interview

  • Program Evaluation

  • Program Analysis

  • Recommendations

  • Summary Report

Snap Assessments are conducted either 'on-site' at your location, anywhere in the world, or 'remotely' , utilizing various communications and technologies to connect with you.

How much does a Snap Assessment Cost?

  • On-site Assessment (5-days) - AUD 4000.00 + expenses (conducted on-site in your home town, city or country)


  • Remote Assessment (5-days) - AUD 2200.00 + expenses (conducted from distance using other communications methods)


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