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Sport & Disability Initiative

Supporting Disability Sport Globally

The 'Sport & Disability Initiative' is established to support programs that enhance the overall quality and opportunities for participation in sports for those with a disability or impairment. It is a global initiative that aims to enhance the capacity of the sport and disability sector, whilst also developing programs, raising awareness, empowering and enhancing the status of disability sport.


To support the development of Disability Sport and enhance the capacity and opportunities for participation within the sector


  • Provide education and training opportunities that enhance the capacity of leaders in the Sport and Disability sector

  • Develop programs and activities that encourage participation and empower individuals with a disability to play an active role in sport and society

  • Use sport as a vehicle to raise awareness of issues affecting those living with a disability

  • Contribute to research in the area of Sport and Disability

The Sport & Disability Initiative is a Rise Global initiative that conducts and contributes to Sport and Disability projects globally

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