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Sustainable Sports Project

Towards self-sufficiency and financial independence

We are committed to working with organizations to deliver sustainable programs that are self-sufficient and financially independent. The 'Sustainable Sports Project' provides a unique opportunity for international sporting organisations and NGO's to work with us on developing their programs into a sustainable model.

A sustainable model:

  • is financially independent

  • ensures the capacity exists within your community to develop and deliver programs into the future

  • properly addresses the needs of the community and individuals


  • is effectively managed

How it works

  • Every year we provide opportunities for organisations to apply to join our 'Sustainable Sports Project'

  • There is an application process and organisations will be invited to apply

  • Organisations will be selected based on a set criteria, which will be provided before the application process

  • Once the organisations have been selected, we enter into a partnership agreement for a fixed term

  • We actively work with you to develop your programs towards a sustainable model

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION:  Rise Global Application - Sustainable Sports Project (DOC)

Current Projects

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