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We are an AUSTRALIAN SPORTS CONSULTANCY established in Sydney in 2010.  We bring an unwavering commitment to excellence in sport and are committed to sharing our vast pool of experience and expertise with you; ensuring best practice, on and off the field.

AUSTRALIA is a sports mad country that prides itself on being a leader in the field.  


Our success in sport has not come about by accident and only since a very poor performance at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 did we embark on a range of reforms that has since seen Australia become one of the leading sporting nations in the world.

Sport is of course is much more than just winning medals, with deep rooted ties within communities, it invokes peoples passions  and emotions, propelling them to strive to be the best they can be. Unfortunately, international sport is not a level playing field, often governed poorly, with its true potential remaining largely untapped. Grass roots sport remains inadequately resourced, poorly managed and it's true value and potential benefits have barely scratched the surface of what is truly possible.

Our drive leads us to smash down existing barriers, to unleash the true potential of sport, leading the pack in bringing sport back to the people and in demanding excellence and in setting new standards. We are committed to turning your perceived disadvantages into advantages, allowing you to compete to the best of your ability, reaching your pinnacle, not only in sport, but also in life.

Follow our lead in demanding more, striving for excellence and improving performance at all levels, on and off the field.

Meet The Team


Michael Dahdal

  • LinkedIn

Rise Global Founder & Managing Director, Strategy & Program and Competitions Specialist

Franscisco Baptista

  • LinkedIn

Director MENA Region - Former National Futsal Coach, Educator & Sports Management Specialist

Dr Istvan Gorgenyi

  • LinkedIn

Senior Consultant - Olympic Gold Medal Winning Coach (Sydney 2000) Strategy, Programs & High Performance Specialist

Dr Stephen Treloar

  • LinkedIn

Senior Consultant. Sports Management, Policy & Governance Specialist

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