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reestablishing the true value of sport as a vehicle for better health, stronger communities and a force to do good in the world >> 



You don't want to be forever dependent on foreign aid and foreign labour, long term sustainability and success lies in the ability to develop your own people, organisations and institutions. No one knows your sport, your program and your culture better than you; although we've worked in some of the worlds most challenging social and political environments, so let us use our expertise and experience to help you bring your programs into line with international standards and best practice - your communities deserve nothing less. 


Let us help you design and develop the type of sports program that gets your community engaged and keeps them engaged; allowing you to drive home your broader social objectives in the most effective and efficient way possible. We take a holistic approach to development and the devil is in the detail, let us figure out the solution that works best for your unique situation. 


How do you know if your program is having the impact you intended? Let us figure that out for you! If you're not quite sure where you may be going wrong, or where your next phase of development and growth would be best served, the let us assess where you're at and make the kind of recommendations that will ensure your programs remain focussed and relevant. Sometimes having that objective, unbiased perspective makes all the difference. 


Help us develop the right strategy for you to ensure all your activities are properly aligned with your objectives. Time and resources are scarce, so you want to be sure you can do more with less and the only way to do that is to be clear on what you're doing, why you're doing it and how to best deliver the best outcomes for your community. 

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