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China pledges support to UN endeavor in Sport Development

China pledges to support the UN in its efforts to put sport at the centre of the development agenda whilst recognising the contribution it makes to development. Wang Min, the Chinese deputy representative to the UN whilst addressing a plenary meeting of the 66th UN General Assembly with the theme of sport for peace and development, said that China believes the international community should put the issue of sport on the agenda of global cooperation for development.

China committed to sport for development In 2008 China hosted the Olympics in Beijing, and has used the event to create a legacy. Wang highlighted that China have continued to integrate sport into its national development strategy noting that the opening date of the Beijing Olympics, 8 August is designated as China's National Fitness Day. Wang described this as a solemn commitment made by the Chinese government to development of China's sport endeavors. China and sport "The Chinese government will continue to integrate sport into its national development strategy, and provide more and better public sport services to its people. In the meantime, China will continue to play a positive role in the Group of Friends of Sport for Development and Peace, make vigorous efforts to advance international cooperation in sport development, and thus contribute to world peace and development," he added. Call to action In his address Wang said "the international community should incorporate sport into global cooperation agendas such as peacekeeping operations, development, education, public health, gender equality, and protection of the rights and interests of persons with disabilities." He added, "it is also imperative to give better play to the role of sport in promoting the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals."

Wang maintained that upholding the Olympic spirit contributes to settlement of global crises "to fundamentally address the financial crisis and other global issues, countries must continue to abide by the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, uphold the Olympic spirit, respect cultural diversity, enhance mutual understanding, settle disputes through peaceful means, and work together toward a world of equality and harmony.

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