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Rise Global Launches NGO-Partnership Program

Rise Global this week officially launched an NGO-Partnership Program. The program was developed to respond to the needs of the non-profit sports sector. “Most NGO’s seem to be facing the same challenges”, said Rise Global Managing Director Michael Dahdal. “There are some fantastic people, doing some fantastic work, but they may lack the resources or the technical expertise to drive their programs forward” he added.

Rise Global is an Australian sports development consultancy that works with both the government and private sectors on improving outcomes across sports strategy & policy, program development, education & training, evaluating existing programs as well as sports performance.

The NGO-Partnership program allows non-profit sporting organisations to work with Rise Global on specific projects that address the challenges that are unique to them. This provides an opportunity for organisations to have all the benefits of engaging expert consultants, without all the upfront costs often associated with it.

Rise Global remains completely committed to working with the non-profit sports sector in advancing their development agendas.

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