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Swaziland National Sports Council appoints Rise Global to develop the Asidlale Sustainability Strate

Rise Global is proud to announce its appointment by the Swaziland National Sports Council (SNSC) to develop the Asidlale sustainability strategy. Rise Global will be working closely with the SNSC and locally based consultants to deliver a strategy that ensures the sustainability of programs looking forward.

“There are some very exciting things happening with the Swaziland National Sports Council at the moment” said Rise Global Managing Director, Michael Dahdal. “We feel very privileged to be entrusted by the SNSC to drive the development of the strategy and look forward to working with our local partners to deliver a strategy that reflects the local context and establishes the foundations for continued success at all levels of sports, well into the future” he added.

The SNSC is a government agency established in 1978 to facilitate the development of sports nationally. Formerly under the Ministry of Home Affairs, in 2008 the council was shifted and now works under the Ministry of Sports, Culture & Youth Affairs.

The council is currently going through a transitional period as it looks towards a national strategy for the ongoing development of sports, commencing at the grass roots and working towards establishing a model that supports all of Swaziland’s local and international aspirations.

A key objective of the strategy is to enhance the capacity of the SNSC and the local sports community and ensure that activities remain aligned with international best practices, without undermining the unique values and culture of Swaziland.

Work on the strategy has already commenced with the final strategy due to be unveiled in December 2013.

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